Monday Motivation

2 years ago today I had a ‘bad fall’ riding cross country in the Intermediate at Little Downham BE. Unlike most falls I couldn’t get up, brush it off and go home feeling frustrated, sore or embarraceded, I was airlifted to Addenbrookes hospital where I recieved medical care that saved my life. Severe traumatic brain injury left me unable to talk, taste, move or process information. I look back now, feel lucky and laugh at the fact post traumatic amnesia meant I can’t remember being re-taught how to do the most basic daily activities.

Doctors repeatedly told me that I would not get back to uni, and I was unlikely to return to the saddle, even in the long run. This set me back, but also gave me a goal – could I prove them wrong!? 2 years later I’ve done exactly that, my KEP helmet and their medical support was essential though. 

3 months after my accident I resumed university (having taken first year exams the week before my accident) and 6 months after my accident I got back in the saddle. The event/dressage season that followed was my most successful to date, which felt like the ultimate reward for all the effort put into my recovery. Never stops believing that anything is possible, dreams do come true! Nova and I finished 3rd at the 6 year old young horse championship, champion at the British Dressage Youth Inter-County and Inter-Regionals, and reserve champion at the Home International, with many more wins along the way.

I have now finished my Business Economics university degree and look forward to focusing on horses; offering livery, lessons and riding as lockdown eases.

2020 so far …

Happy New Year everyone, let’s hope it’s a prosperous one for us all!

2020 has certainly started well for me, Nova has come out on winning form, and Maggie has been progressing up the levels well, jumping clear every time out.

With back to back wins at BD Elementary, Nova will now step up to Medium to match her training at home. Despite her talent on the flat, she made sure I remembered her ability to jump clear and fast as she has also won 3/3 British Showjumping classes this year!

I feel incredibly lucky to be supported by my fantastic team of existing sponsors (Black Nova Designs, DBA Sport, Keratex Equestrian, Profeet Custom) with the addition of KEP hats. I am confident that my purchase of a new KEP hat just before my serious fall in 2018 saved my life. Forever grateful for this, and despite the ridiculous hours I am putting in, happy that I have been able to reach the last 2 months of combining my Business Economics studies with pursuing my equestrian dreams.

This week I look forward to having my younger sister, Kitty, back from 6 weeks away travelling and visiting family in Australia. As many of you know Kitty is an essential member of my team, and will be back helping me step up to the next level, supporting me at 3 affiliated outings in her first week back!

My motivational quote for the moment: happiness is being busy doing the things you love! (n.a)

This week’s venues – Chard BS, Kingston Mauward BD Youth, Bicton BS.