Milestone Motivation

At the time of my accident last summer, dreams shattered – it looked and certainly felt like there was nowhere to go. That was until I woke up to the fact that dreams can change depending on your circumstances. I may have been hoping to be a British team debutant this year (no longer able to happen) but I am incredibly lucky to have a very talented and trainable team of young horses, most bred by our own Greenhays Stud.

As Storm Trentham, founder of DBA Sports says “Dream, Believe, Achieve”. The latter two were lacking at the early stages of my recovery, step by step they built up and my confidence has grown thanks to the support of family, friends, medics and sponsors. Celebrating the marginal gains along the journey has been essential to help maintain motivation and drive towards significant milestones. Social media has provided a great platform for this.

I also have to thank my four legged friends, who have played a significant part in my journey. Important members of many dreams, their affection and occupation facilitated forward progress. Winning my first competition back and several British Dressage outings after was hugely rewarding, it felt a significant milestone for my recovery. Ogue Caviar has been consistent and Global Super Nova my 6 year old has come on the quickest of any young horse I have produced to date, together we earnt 86% in the BD Youth B squad test. Alongside Kitty and Caviar (who have got to know each other well in a short space of time) we have been selected to represent Dorset at the Inter County Challenge.

Then my gorgeous little homebred, Greenhays Midnight Magic joined Global Super Nova cross country schooling where they quickly had me not able to resist jumping the Novice fences, it felt so easy, making me quick to enter my first event! I couldn’t take the smile off my face as I spoke to Chris and Keith, our South West start box team (a good follow on Instagram and Facebook for eventing fans). Being on a homebred I have produced from the start felt so special, a tidy double clear to finish on our dressage score earnt s 2nd place.

We followed this by taking both mares to our first British Eventing outing after my fall. The weather was good at Bovington, the course well-presented and the mares made the most of it! Two, easy double clears in the BE100 and BE90 meant Nova finished 3rd and Maggie 6th.

I was lucky that I never lost the ‘bug’ but it looks like I’ve had a booster now! Feeling very happy, I look forward to seeing the year since my accident pass shortly and my university exams to finish at the end of May, so our team can make the most of summer.

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable and successful time with their four legged partners.

Alexa X

Next outings:
 BD Youth ICC Bicton Arena 5th May.
 British Showjumping May Spectacular Bicton Arena 26th-30th May.
 British Eventing Pontispool 31st May.