Introducing the 2020 Babies

Greenhays Captain Tom 

Stable name: Tom

Dam: Greenhays Reflect (St Des Saints (Cadoudal) x Turgeon)

Sire: Veni Vidi Vici (Heartbreaker)

This colt foal has shown huge character and natural presence since birth (20th May 2020). We look forward to seeing him develop into an exciting performance horse who combines the best jumping bloodlines (sire won young horse show jumping classes) with the stamina of leading jump racing bloodlines. 


Greenhays Matilda

Stable name: Tilda

Dam: Tawstock Dafne (Bandmaster x Kuwait Beach x Sea Heir)

Sire: Langaller Starring Role (Catherston Dazzler x Loubeg Marie)

This little filly has a lovely outlook, naturally friendly & very eye catching.

Greenhays Class Act 

Stable name: Theo

Dam: Evieta P (Up to Date x Moreita

Sire: Langaller Starring Role (Catherston Dazzler x Lougbeg Marie)

This colt has been stamped by his Elite Graded Dam Evieta P & is showing a lovely temperament.

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