*NEWS REVEALED* The Event season has officially started!

A very exciting arrival to Greenhays Sports Horses! In early February my mother and I purchased a very exciting rising six year old – OUGE Caviar. Yes he has the name, the looks, the ability and the attitude… we are totally in love! It is very exciting to be able to invest in him myself as I really enjoy producing horses. The big goal with him will be SENIOR TEAMS. I think he is a horse to look out for and I aim to campaign him up through Junior and Young riders. (Pictures below)

The past couple of weeks have been very stressful to say the least! As the preparation for the event season reached a new level and AS mocks at the same time, as expected the latter was more or less thrown out the window! Hence results ranged from an A in Economics to a U in one of the Biology papers! (I think a bit more attention to school work is required…)

Nevertheless Espionage and I had a great time at our first Junior training, where she really stepped up her work and impressed. Being based in Dorset it was a four hour journey but well worth it training with Caroline Moore the official Junior team coach. The Hope family were wonderful hosts and kindly let us stay at their amazing facilities, it was lovely to meet so many more friendly people!

We also made the most of the arena cross country at Pontispool equestrian center, due to the lack of grass facilities open due to the weather. This included a clinic with Tim Cheffings, Nick Gauntlet and and arena Xc competition. All very successful with myself and the horses earning plenty of compliments…. including Nick Gauntlet (Top 4* competitor/producer) stating that OUGE Caviar my new 6 year old is definitely 4* material!┬áThis is very confidence boosting as I found him myself and aim to produce him to this level. Espionage WON the arena XC and Caviar was double clear.

Video of recent training and Arena XC:

The time has finally come to blow away the remaining winter cobwebs, and have that burst of adrenaline we’ve all been waiting for! TEAM PALMER had a great start this weekend at Moreton BE considering the situation…. I had been very ill all week only managing to ride in short stints and had lost 5kg. However being my suborn self i would not let anyone stop me from going! So suffering from a severe head and stomach ache on ┬áSaturday we made our way to Moreton. Alba posted a nice test to be right up there after dressage on 32, unfortunately we had 2 poles down due to a bout of severe migraine but pulled it together for an epic XC run. Earning some pretty nice comments from the fence judges along the way! OUGE Caviar was on Sunday and did a solid double clear in the BE100 after a nice test, with plenty of people gaping over his presence, scope, paces and general attitude to life. Kitty my younger sister who I train myself did a stunning double clear in her first BE100 to top the weekend off, with a pony we have been working hard on retraining since last year.

Massive thank you as always to all the BE Volunteers and everyone involved as this time of year requires even more input due to the weather/ground conditions. It was great to have a change in the course, and thank you to the Russel family for making the running of Moreton Possible.

A x

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