Grand Finale As The Curtains Draw On The Event Season!

A fortnight ago Ogue Caviar rounded a fantastic season with yet another win at Calmsden (2). Everything achieved this season has rewarded patience, perseverance, passion and much more. Not only has Caviar given me the most successful and enjoyable season on the eventing front, he has taken me to the British Young Riders Dressage (BYRDS) Inter-County, Inter-Regionals and most recently the Home International where we achieved 4th place in the Young Rider Elementary National Championship! I was pleasantly surprised to see that I held the highest average score (91.1%) in the BYRDS SW league this year, for which the dressage tests are judged on the rider and their influence on their horse’s way of going.

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9th Bicton International cic* (Jayphotos)

I have calculated some fun statistics and listed them below. (Caviar’s BE record)

  • Average finishing score of his 4 wins this season – 23.1
  • 100% clear cross country record since 2014 (The start of his eventing career)
  • 11/13 runs top 10 finish
  • 62% top 4 finish
  • Average time faults 3.1
  • 85% runs 4 faults or less showjumping

Now for the interesting part – average dressage scores….. (the lower the score the better)

  • 2014 (35.6) previous rider
  • 2015 (30.7)
  • 2017 (25.6)
  • 2018 (20.6)?!!

Although the event season is over and Caviar is enjoying a lighter work load, I aim to qualify for the British Dressage Winter Regional before continuing jump training for next season.

Meanwhile Team Palmer recently welcomed another beautiful four legged friend, Great Gatsby. After saying goodbye to Jamiraqui, letting him go on to teach another young girl the eventing ropes, Gatsby was quick to catch our hearts. Whilst Kitty started settling in to life in the sixth form at school, I seized the opportunity to give him a test ride! We were very happy with 6th place in the BE100 at Calmsden and I look forward to helping Kitty progress with him.


Great Gatsby

A gap year before starting at The University of Exeter (1 hour commute from home) this year has enabled me to take a step back, re-focus and realise how much I want to succeed. Therefore I feel time spent producing ‘the next generation’ was well spent. Luckily I have a good base to work from, backing and producing the young horses myself. Four horses later and I am a fully trained rodeo winner! (As I found out at a Cowboy themed party this Summer). I find myself gazing at our young home bred horses willing them to mature like a vintage bottle of wine. Nevertheless I am kept well occupied with the here and now! Balancing producing a minimum of 6 horses for next season, part-time work schooling/teaching with a university degree Business Economics and too much fitness/flexibility work!

As Barry Finlay once said “Every mountain top is within reach if you keep climbing”. A motto I will be working over the winter months.

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